Caring For Your Portraits

So you made the investment to print your beautiful images. Let's talk about the best way to keep them beautiful!

1) When handling your prints, it is best to wear gloves. But not just ANY gloves! Nitrile Gloves and Finger Cots are best. Even freshly washed hands will produce oil and perspiration that will end up on your photographs. When you order your prints with us, we will provide you with a set of gloves or finger cots.

2) Try to avoid hanging your portraits in direct sunlight. UV rays will drastically shorten the life of your portraits. 

3) Avoid hot and humid environments like attics and basements. Heat and humidity will deteriorate your images.

4. Avoid storing your prints in acid materials. The acid will turn your images yellow and speed up the aging process.

5. If you purchased digital files, make sure to save a set of the images as TIFF files. TIFF files are non-destructible, unlike JPEGs that will loose data each time the image is opened. I would be happy to save a set of TIFF files for you upon request.