Riverview, FL Baby photos

If you are planning a 6 month session or a 1 year session for your little one then you are probably wondering what to bring or what to have them wear.

Let's start with a six month session. At 6 months old some babies are sitting up, while others still need a bit of assistance.

So for that reason I typically do a 6 month session in the studio where I can use bowls, buckets, and blankets.

At 6 months old they are still super adorable with no clothes or just a diaper cover. Simple neutral outfits are best and as always, lace photographs really well!

Riverview, Florida 1 year portraits

We are now offering milk bath sessions for babies that are a little more stable sitting up.

These are absolutely precious!

This is also a great time to do photos of them laying on their bellies or laying on their backs (face shots).

There are plenty of things we can do at this age to show off all there adorable rolls and chubby cheeks!

You do not really need to bring anything unless you have a special outfit that you want to use.

If they are showing a special attachment to a blanket than please bring that along.

And last but not least, if they are eating snacks at this age (puffs, cheerios for example) then it may be a good idea to bring those along as well.

That becomes especially important if they are on the go!! :)

What not to bring?? Lots of extra people! Babies at this age are easily distracted and extra people tend to just cause confusion for the baby on where to look. 

Lithia One Year Photos

At a one year session some parents like to have their baby smash a cake.

These make adorable photographs and I highly recommend this!

Boys look super cute in a pair of jeans with no shirt and girls look really cute in just a diaper cover or a onesie.

This is still a fun age for basket shots, sitting in a chair, standing up, or even laying down on their bellies.

At this age they may have become attached to a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, those are great to incorporate into your session.

Again, please do not bring extra people to the session as it can be very distracting for the little ones. 

Tampa, FL Milestone photos