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How To Introduce Your New Baby To Siblings

Jealousy is a real thing, especially for an only child. They can see this new being as someone that is stealing all of mom and dads attention! When photographing newborns we always assess the relationship between the siblings before determining how to pose them together. If the older siblings are not too sure about your new baby then we will typically pose the older sibling around an empty prop and then take a second shot of baby in/on the prop without the older sibling nearby. We will then merge the two images together. The safety of your infant is our number 1 concern.

Here are some tips for introducing your new baby to siblings:

  1. Involve Siblings Early: Let your children be part of the excitement by including them in preparations for the new baby's arrival. Let them help choose items for the nursery or pick out a special outfit for the baby.
  2. Prepare Them for the Changes: Talk to your children about what to expect when the new baby arrives. Explain how the baby will need lots of attention, but also reassure them that they are still loved and important.
  3. Plan the First Meeting: Arrange a calm and welcoming environment for the first introduction. When bringing the baby home, consider having someone available to focus on the older siblings while you greet them with the baby.
  4. Encourage Sibling Bonding: Allow your older children to hold the baby with your assistance and supervision. Encourage them to touch the baby's fingers and toes gently or talk to the baby.
  5. Be Patient and Understanding: It’s normal for older siblings to experience a range of emotions such as excitement, jealousy, or uncertainty. Be patient with them and acknowledge their feelings. Give them time to adjust to the new addition to the family.
  6. Maintain Routine and Special Time: Try to keep your older children’s routines as consistent as possible and make an effort to spend special one-on-one time with each child.
  7. Praise and Reinforce Positive Behavior: Acknowledge and praise your older children when they show kindness, curiosity, or helpfulness toward the new baby.
  8. Set Realistic Expectations: Teach your older children what they can and can't do with the baby, and help them understand that the baby won't be able to play or interact much at first.
  9. Be Mindful of Safety: Always supervise interactions between the new baby and their siblings, especially in the early weeks.
  10. Stay Positive: Focus on the positive aspects of being a big brother or sister, such as being a role model or helping with little tasks.

Introducing your new baby to their siblings can create beautiful moments and lasting bonds. With patience and thoughtful preparation, you can help your older children embrace their new role and foster a loving family dynamic.