Riverview Pregnancy Photos | Misty Jones Photography


To Preserve Your Image Quality:

  • Handle photographs while wearing clean nitrile gloves or finger cots. Your hands produce oils even after being washed. The oils will deteriorate the photographs over time.
  • Avoid touching the image area of a photograph. Whenever possible handle the photograph by its edges or its housing materials.
  • Have a clean, dry, organized work area free of food and drink.
  • Whenever possible, avoid marking photographs. If absolutely necessary, limit markings and write on the back and near the edge with a soft graphite pencil. It is preferable to mark the photograph’s housing materials.
  • Do not use paper clips, rubber bands, or other mechanical fasteners to mark or organize prints.
  • Do not use self-adhesive tape, sticky notes, glue, or other adhesives on photographs.
  • Be cautious when removing dust from the surface of a photograph. Even soft brushes can scratch or otherwise damage photographs. Use a blower, such as an air bulb, (not canned air) to remove loose dust and debris. 
  • Use care and patience when moving collections, especially glass and heavy, large, or awkward works. 

We include finger cots or cotton gloves with all of our orders, for your convenience.