Passing this on to you because that's what friends do when they stumble across something they love.

Instead of using the words "have to" I started using the words "get to".

Try it for a day and see just how much you'll appreciate the things you get to do every day.


I get to be a small business owner.

I get to water my plants.

I get to run my kids around to school and sports activities.

I get to make dinner for a family of 4.

I get to wake up early.

I get to work from home.

I get to be exhausted from trying to keep it all together. 

Realize that not everyone GETS to do these things.

Somewhere in the world, someone would love to do the things we get to do every single day. Things we do often take for granted. And sure, it seems silly to apply it to the things no one typically loves to do, like doing laundry that never seems to end or cleaning the house just to see it end up messy again.

But even those things we get to do because we're lucky. Lucky to have the things in our life that create all that laundry and all those messes to clean.

I'm telling ya...if you're ready to start living a life with a little more gratitude, start using the words "get to" instead of "have to," and I promise it will change the way you see life.

So I'll pose the question to you: What do you get to do today? Tell me in the comments. I can't wait to hear what you GET to do.